The Clone Wars Timeline
  6 Months ABG

6 MONTHS ABG 13:11:01-30
The Cestus Deception
(chap.1-32: 1st half of page) [novel]
The Hive [short story]
The Cestus Deception
(chap.32: 2nd half of page - end) [novel]
CIS Shadowfeed 15:1:15
(Ventress article) [article]
Republic #65-66: Show of Force 1-2 [comic]
Secrets of the Jedi
(Part 2) [novel]
Republic #67: Forever Young [comic]
The Life and Legend of Obi-Wan Kenobi (chapter 5) [novel]
Changing Seasons Part 1: Guardian of the People [short story]
Changing Seasons Part 2: People of the Guardian [short story]

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